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The Benefits of Juicing

As the months bring us super close to holiday munchies and dinners about to take over lives and affect our bodies, it may be time to think about what can be done to combat the holiday pounds and loss of energy.

The only way to truly take control is to stop the sugar, fat, and excess carb intake cold turkey,

but that’s not so easy, especially around the holidays.

One of the best ways to detoxify and stop these cravings is with a juice cleanse. Juicing has many benefits for your body which will result in your ever day activities.

Give your stomach and liver a break

Your stomach and liver need breaks too, and juicing will sort of give them a clean restart.

Stop the bad food craving cycle

It’s all about habit. So if you truly stick to juicing, even as little as three days will help get that craving of donuts and burgers out of your mind.

Increase your energy

Faster absorption of nutrients = immediate energy. Juicing energizes and heals the body with vitamins, minerals, and plant-based nutrients which is MUCH better than the caffeine from those three cups of coffee.

Loose that water bloat

Too much sodium in your body causes water to retain. Seeing the bloating alone go away will be a huge motivation.

Juice’d Café can make all of this even easier for you. Want to learn more about cleansing? Check out our 3-Day Juice'd Cleanse!


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