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Born from a vision by owners Stacey & Luis Gonsalves to offer a delicious healthier choice, Juice’d Café is the first food service business in the greater Fall River area committed to providing a convenient source of healthy and wholesome food at an affordable price to the community. 


Juice’d Cafe wholeheartedly believes that customers will gain strength, energy, and mindfulness in their everyday life by eating better. With the primary goal to educate our customers on the benefits of a nutritious diet, we

have created a fun, all natural menu of handcrafted juices, smoothies, burritos, salads, and unique food

items that taste so good customers will come back wanting more. In addition to the menu, Juice’d also provides a support circle along with resources and

tools to help customers reach their personal health

and wellness goals.

Juice’d Café is proud to be a healthy pillar in the community, using our expertise to make the community feel good through food and supported through the journey to a healthier lifestyle. 

 “Eat Good Feel Good”

–Juice’d Cafe




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