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Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

The fastest growing use of 35% Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is for swimming pools and hot tubs. People who switch to h2o2 love their pool or hot tub once again - plus it is very good for your health. The Dangers of Chlorine

Conventional swimming pool chemicals (chlorine and bromine) were introduced over a century ago when the harms of chemicals were unknown. These chemicals are so extremely dangerous they have been used to make chemical weapons for war. Chlorine is 1 of the 10 most health destroying chemicals. It causes cancer, DNA cell damage, nerve and brain damage, sterility and birth defects and dozens of other known health damages.

Your skin in porous

This is why if you ever swim in a public pool with heavy chlorine your skin quickly wrinkles and turns white. It is being poisoned.  Worse, your lungs rapidly put the fumes of the chemical-laced water into your blood stream destroying cellular DNA. Your immune system subconsciously recognizes the danger of that water by the smell of the fumes. This is why people soon come to rarely use their swimming pool or spa - and why most people who have one, say they would never have a pool or hot tub again, not understanding why. 

Hydrogen Peroxide is Non-Toxic

Hydrogen peroxide is fundamentally water and oxygen, therefore is not toxic. While the oxygen is deadly to micro-organisms, it is great for your skin and cellular body. Rather than a pool or hot tub filled with lethal chemicals that over time destroys your health, water with hydrogen peroxide is good for your health. So your immune system subconsciously wants you to go swimming in your pool or soak in your hot tub. If you switch to hydrogen peroxide instead of dangerous chemicals you will fall in love with your swimming pool or hot tub again.


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